Title: The Cycle

Software used: Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush, Premiere, After Effects, Unreal Engine 4, CrazyBump, Photoshop

This short animation has gone through many stages of development. Since its initial release, I have worked on combining this project and another work in progress project into a full fledged interactive video game.

As you learn during the gameplay, you the main character has been sent by the King's Army to counsel "The Protector" or the shaman which you see in the renders. The reason for this quest is the sudden appearance of an apocalyptic omen which signifies a great change or even the end of the world. The reason for his arrival is revealed to you by the unique 4 characters inside of the game whose characters and dialog are loosely based on four Hindu Gods which all play a role in taking a player on an introspective journey that reflects the issues and conflicts we are dealing with in today's society.

Im hoping to expand my knowledge on interactive design and storytelling within the unreal engine 4 while having a connection to real world events with a bit of dark humor thrown in. A big inspiration for the gameplay and the style are games like "Fable" and "Ghost Master" which include a lot of dark humor combined with a quest oriented design.

I see a great amount of potential for this particular project and I hope to expand on it as I expand my 3D abilities. I think that the story and what I have so far is compelling enough to me and my colleagues that it is worth taking it a step forward and seeing where it can go while understanding and considering physical limitations (sleep).

Characters were created and textured in Zbrush. Rigged and animated in Maya. Particle simulations and environment design done in Unreal editor where the animation was rendered out. In this project I have used the sample rock and tree meshes provided by the kite demo which epic games made available to the users. As I go on, I hope to replace the rocks and particularly the trees with assets that reflect the story more accurately but for now I will continue to focus on more unique assets like characters, their animations and story driven environment assets.

I feel that this project will be a long long work in progress and that's great because it can only get better from here!


Damian Kwiatkowski

3D Artist