Damian Kwiatkowski

3D Artist


Fall/Winter forest environment showing the long term dwelling of a societal recluse who escaped ww2 battle in a damaged tank and made it his home.​

Artist memo:
This project is a commentary on the endless cycle of war and its victims as well as the specific spaces that contain them. I wanted to present a setting that breeds conflict and have done so for centuries. Throughout time, multiple wars have been fought in the same area and currently the war is that between the man and his past. The character living in the tank has been forever affected by the conflicts he has experienced.

There is this concept of "sacred space" where priests and clergy would choose a location in which they would pray and build their temples. I found that concept to be really intriguing. The idea that a certain space and its composition can make us humans feel certain emotions or want to seek to feel certain emotions, and can lead us to develop the area to participate in that feeling as a group. In the case of my scene the sacred is turned into doomed space in which people seek to create and participate in conflict. My goal was to create a scene that was "beautiful" or charming yet under the surface held negative history of war and death. I wanted the viewer to be intrigued by the naturesque elements of my scene and then slowly pick out the little details that imply the true nature of the space.

Beyond the space itself, I wanted to tell a deeper story of the tank dweller. His inner battle and turmoils. He stayed in the wretched forest and made it his home, cleaning up after the war that has already began to forget him and his close friends who died along his side. Behind every soldier there is a story and with the time setting of the tank, I hoped to portray a soldier not of choice but of necessity. A soldier fresh out of school, drafted into war and picked for a front that would never win. He lost his childhood friends but beyond that he lost himself during the war. For him the war never ended.

"Just like the ruins of past wars that surround him, he himself is a monument of war. A relic that has been forgotten by time, overgrown and recaptured by nature. The history of what hunts him is slowly escaping the memory of those not directly affected.. He has lost his close ones as well as a part of himself in his journey to create a world that he himself wants to live in. Like the seasons, the cycle of death and rebirth continues, but just like in war, the victims of this transition are left scattered on the forest floor while the world goes on without them."

Current Technical Update:

1080p on gtx660 at 70fps

1080p on gtx1070 at 120fps - 140fps